Artist Statement

My work is driven by a demand to be seen and understood while uncovering the layers of my identity as part of four different cultures: Peruvian, German, American, and Mexican. Being a part of multiple cultures has forced me to navigate the process of assimilating into each culture simultaneously, leading often to feelings of alienation. In response, I create tangible objects that explore my past experiences, allowing me to connect with and challenge viewers. I create a visual narrative that reflects the loss of ethnic roots and explores the isolation and confusion felt from multiple cultures, a metaphor for the in-between– discovering a mental space that I have constructed while delving into my personal and familial past. Self-Portraiture allows a form of empowerment and relying on symbolism connects me with my audience in a universal way to challenge the viewer to consider their preconceptions of women of color. My work is a way to turn the colonial gaze upon itself, and regain my power and agency.