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Santa Fe Optical

Art Direction
Project Overview
Santa Fe Optical originated in 1982 as Austin’s first independent optical boutique. They are passionate about showcasing exciting and innovate eyewear that reflects the personality of those that wear them. They pride themselves in offering a tailored experience by providing a unique styling consultation by their opticians to help them find eyewear that is as original as them.
Chantal Lesley: Social Media, Print Campaigns, Motion Graphics
Nathanael Loden: Illustrations, Research, Collateral
Jack Parker: Logo, Website, Research
Megan Myles: Copywriting, Research, Collateral
Santa Fe Optical prides itself as a quirky, but upscale establishment. The challenge was figuring out how to give it a modern touch, without losing it‘s old-Austin charm.
For the social media and print campaigns, it was important to highlight real customers, and show that the experience that Santa Fe Optical provides is specifically tailored to you.
Graphis New Talent 2021—Silver
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Print Campaign

When I interviewed a Sante Fe Optical optician, they mentioned that they are really trying to help people make a statement with their glasses. Considering the opticians are experts at what they do, they‘re confident that they can make a perfect match for anyone. For the print campaign, we wanted to emphasis this perfect match.

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Social Media Campaign

Showcasing their awesome clients is what is most important to Santa Fe Optical, so as a team we wanted to enhance that. Having posts that highlighted a client happy with their match, and Instagram stories that highlight iconic Austin backdrops showing that Santa Fe Optical is an Austin original was the perfect blend for the social media campaign.

Social media mockup
Lessons Learned

This project taught me how to have a successful collaboration among teammates. We each played to our strengths, and put in equal work to the project, which made our workload feel effortless. With such strong collaboration, we ended up with truly beautiful work that we are all very proud of.

With More Time and Resources

I am happy that I was able to have a little taste of it, but I would have loved to explore motion more with this project. With every group meeting I would exclaim “Can we just make something move?!“, because motion graphics really excites me.