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Project Overview
The Capital of Texas Aerial Championship (COTAC) is an annual event held in Austin, Texas that aims to provide a platform for aerial artists of all apparatuses including but not limited to: pole, lyra, silks, trapeze, rope, etc. in categories from novice to professional. This event is held in order to allow artists to showcase their talent, ability, athleticism, and passion for the art form while pursuing national recognition.
COTAC currently doesn’t have a brand in place as their website does not reflect the style of their logo, and any merchandise available just has their logo on it.
I created a color palette inspired by old circus posters, simplified the logo to create an abstract figure in movement, and utilized photography while highlighting the apparatuses of the performers in a gold color to show the power, boldness and artistry that comes from an aerialist.
Graphis New Talent 2021—Honorable Mention
Graphic showing a before and after of a logo rebrand
Graphic showing rebranded business cards
Photo showing rebranded stationery
Photo showing a rebranded event ticket
Photo showing rebranded event badges
Graphic showing rebranded pin

For the website, it needed to visually stay on brand, and it was important to show motion in an effort to entice the viewer. In order for COTAC to be successful, they need performers, judges, and volunteers. So it was necessary to have that flow be a big focus. Finally, part of COTAC‘s mission is to gain recognition for aerialists and continue the momentum of awareness of aerial arts in the hopes that it is one day considered an Olympic sport.

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Lessons Learned

This project taught me that sometimes a solution that seems simple is best, and that a concept doesn‘t have to be over the top to catch the interest of its audience.

With More Time and Resources

I would have loved to have taken my own photography for this project to better represent the diverse kinds of performances and performers, as it is something I like to do for my local aerial gym.